Fun Cup Filling Idea: When you think back to your childhood – what did you find fun and engaging? Think about what specifically it was about this activity? How could you recreate that fun today with what resources you have available to you?

Cup filling as a kid

10/01/2020 03:38:04

At 11 years of age its easy to fill most of my Cups.

Here’s how I fill mine.



I can fill my Mastery Cup by taking care of pets and having an idea supported in class. I can also fill my Cup if I’m leading a group or get something that I’ve been wanting.



Its pretty easy to fill my Freedom Cup. Sometimes I like to go on a walk with my friends or family, or going swimming with someone.



I fill my Fun Cup by playing games and interacting with my friends. Sometimes I like to just get comfy in bed and watch anime :)



I only have a small Safety Cup but things I do to fill it include being at home with company, or being with an adult.



Its very simple to fill my Connection Cup - I play with my friends, my pets, or my family. Sometimes my Connection Cup can get low by being alone.


That’s how I fill my Cups. How do you fill yours?


Thank you :D